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From:  A Bride Who Understands Wedding Planning Stress.
Dear Bride To Be, 

Do you want to enjoy your wedding planning without the stress and anxiety that comes with organising such a huge event?

Hi, I’m Nomiki and I want to share with you a brilliant resource to help you relieve wedding stress and bring back the fun and joy of planning your wedding.

But more on that in a minute.

I too have experienced the stress and pressure of planning my wedding. Trying to organise everything in a short amount of time, wanting a much smaller wedding than my parents had envisaged, and which reception venue had the atmosphere we really wanted.

At one stage, my fiancé and I felt like cancelling the whole event and running off overseas to get married- with just our closest relatives around us.

But we didn’t. We stuck with planning our wedding.
We learned to negotiate on the parts that didn’t matter as much, and keep our ground on the more important matters.
But it was still very stressful at times.

I was in a similar place to you.

I was losing sleep wondering if I was forgetting something in my planning. I found myself feeling anxious about whether my bridesmaids would like their dresses or not. I had heated discussions with my parents about which relatives to invite. I was gaining weight and my wedding dress was not fitting me the same way.

Maybe some of these problems are familiar to you.
Have you lost sleep, wondering whether you have forgotten something important in your planning?

What if I could show you how to solve these problems.
Would that be good?

Would it help you, to have great strategies for easing tension, getting better sleep and feeling more relaxed?

I’ve created a helpful and easy to use guide, which shows you exactly how to reduce and relieve the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing in planning your wedding.

As soon as I created it, I had to share it with other Brides and couples, who were feeling overloaded, overwhelmed and distressed, instead of enjoying the excitement of the planning process.

This solution to wedding planning stress, is helping brides and couples, to overcome their anxiety and tension and to get back the joy and ease of planning their wedding.

Now when you are looking for solutions to relieve stress, you need to be certain that what you get has a variety of different techniques and tips, so that you can start immediately with the one that suits you best- that way you will get results more quickly.

I would like to introduce to you
Relieve Wedding Stress

 An e-book and six mp3 audios full of...
Practical ways to relieve stress for
enjoyable wedding planning

This e-book and audios are full of great tips, strategies and techniques, to…

    Change your perspective

    Reduce wedding planning stress

    Feel more relaxed 

    Reclaim your confidence



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These resources provide general and specific stress relieving tips and information, so that you can pick the ones you like and use them time and time again, well past your wedding day.

Wouldn’t that be good to have those tools and skills for life?
How would that make you feel?
Maybe more empowered.

It will help you quickly and easily find ways to feel stress free, clear headed and empowered to plan your wedding with joy.

Inside the Relieve Wedding Stress e-book and audios, you will discover…

  How it’s OK to say “No”, when your friends and family are pushing their ideas and        telling you what to do.

  The 9 most effective essential oils for reducing fear and anxiety and for creating     calm.

  How to create powerful thoughts, reduce anger, anxiety and frustration.

  The best natural remedies for reducing stress and assisting better sleep.

  The most effective tool for improving your perspective and lifting your emotions.

  A bonus section on “How to Meditate for Beginners.”

  And 5 quick ways to reduce stress and anxiety.


As you can see I've made this product the most helpful solution to wedding stress.

This book does not contain every possible from of stress relief available. It would be too confusing if it did. Instead it contains some of the more useful tools and tips that are easy to apply. All you need to do is pick the one that resonates with you, as a start and follow the action steps.

By now you may be wondering just how much is this guide going to cost you?
I could easily charge $37 for this ebook and audio. But I really want to make this widely accessible to all Brides and couples.

So if you order right now, the “Relieve Wedding Stress” Ebook and audio can be yours for
the special price you see below.

You may be wondering, what if it doesn’t work?

I am so confident you are going to so much value out of the “Relieve Wedding Stress e-book and audio, that I’m going to take all the risk out of your investment.

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When the frustrations and stress begin to result in too many sleepless nights and tears, you really need to reach out for help. You could pay a professional practitioner for advice and help, but that could set you back between 2 to 4 times the value of this book, just for one consultation.

And if you’re like me, you probably want to avoid prescriptive medicines and opt for more natural ways to address these problems and relieve stress.

But why even let it go that far?
What if you could learn some easy and effective tools and strategies to help yourself.

Imagine what it would be worth to learn stress relief skills and use them whenever you needed to release tension and relieve stress for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t that be empowering?

It is important to take action towards relieving that stress and I encourage you to
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If you don’t take action now, you could be setting yourself up for prolonged fatigue, possibly ill health and definitely stress lines on your face.
And you don’t really want all that showing up on your wedding day do you?

When you open up your “Relieve Wedding Stress” package, you will be empowered with the information you need, to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, get better sleep and have more fun in planning your wedding.

Remember you can have Instant Access To The Best Stress Relief Techniques, and Reclaim Joyful Wedding Planning Today.

I wish you every success in planning your wedding with warmth, love and fun.

My warmest wishes,




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